Summer vacations in Albania

Albania is a country with lots of interesting things to offer but almost nothing is known outside borders.
So, the first question that we make is: Why Albania is a destination not well known in Europe?

This is difficult to understand because the position is very favorable. It lies between these other countries: Montenegro to the north, Greece to the south, Kosovo and North Macedonia to the east, and Italy to the west with the Adriatic Sea in between.

Albania is listed as the third most visited country in Europe. Visiting Albania now has become a trend lately, with its  beautiful beaches, historic towns and stoning landscapes. It is attracting a growing number of travelers looking for authentic adventures and places of traditional guides.

Tourism is developing more and more, even we are already very late in this industry. During summer in Albania come tourists from all over the world and they mostly say the will redo the trip. The reason tourists come here is the economy part, fresh food, and very good cooking.

Saranda, is a city in southern Albania. It’s located on a mountainside. Saranda is a coastal city in Albania among the most frequented during the summer and is considered the capital of summer. In Saranda, there are many beautiful beaches. Hotels and restaurants are going to be very difficult to choose because all of them are very luxurious. Saranda also has a very long history and an amazing culture. Their seafood is awesome in every restaurant you go to.

Amazing beaches.

Another important key point of Albania is the long coastline around 500 km full of wonderful beaches.

Ksamil is also a great place and Saranda’s best village to go to if you want to travel. It is is known for its clean and blue beaches. Ksamil is one of the best beaches in Albania known as it is near Butrinti. There are very interesting things to do in Ksamil like excursions in the nature and enjoing the white sand beaches with clean clear waters.

Kakome beach, a part of Lukova district, is known as a natural pearl of Albania. There you can go by boat, by car or even by swimming. Nearby there is Krorez beach, another beautiful beach.

Gjipea beach, is a quiter beach than Dhermiu or Jala beach. It serves you a white sand with a blue clear sea that invites you to jump in it. In order to go there you have to park the car and to walk about 10 minutes. This isolation contributes to it as an unique experience including climbing on the rocks and hiking.

Grama`s bay is located in Vlora district, in the west of Karaburun slope and leaves you breathless once you visit it. Its name is related with ancient inscriptions that are over 1500. It is similar to exotics images of faraway beaches.

Jala beach, another miracle of Jon Sea that is one of the most beautiful beaches of our country that was lately reconstructed the roads. Mainly there are camping for the youth and rarely you can find hotels. Everybody that has gone there has remained very satisfied.

Dhermiu beach, is almost the best known destination of the southern beaches in Albania, with interesting beaches and lots of tourists every season. Except the main beach, that is always full, you can find quieter beaches that are more isolated.

Lukova beach, it is 22 km in the north of Saranda where you can take the boat to the nearest Corfu island. In the pike of tourist season it is full, but if you go in September it can be a real paradise.

Palasa beach, is located below the Llogara and it is characterized by white houses in the village, among the beautiful nature surrounding it.

Velipoja beach, is the biggest beach with a coast line of 14 km. It is located in the northern Albania, few kilometers away from Montenegro border. The sand there is very special and studies have shown that it is full of iodine and curative values.

Shengjini beach or known as ‘Rana e Hedhun’, is one of the famous beaches of northern Albania, few km far from Lezha city. There are many hotels and restaurant because of many tourist every year. This beautiful is a piece of earth located between the pines trees, almost 70 km north of the capital city Tirana and 40 km from the borders with Montenegro, but still undiscovered.


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