Why do we change the clock twice a year

According to the science changing the clock twice a year is about daylight saving time.
When we were little ones we didn’t understood the reason why the clock must change two times a year.
So, if we keep the Standard Time we might lose one hour of daylight during the evenings but on the other hand the mornings might be lighter.
Some people feel very much the change of the clock and they barely get use after a week. They say that their sleep is disrupted and also the so called circadian rhythms even weeks later.

Several studies that are made about this phenome have showed that there is a relationship between heart attacks and the clocks that goes forward in the spring. According to the studies, first weekdays after the changing have shown to have an increase between 10% and 24% in heart attacks. And on contrary, the return to Standard Time is followed by a fall in the number of heart attacks and that overall, the numbers of hears attacks remains unchanged by daylight saving transitions.

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