History and tradition of Durrës city

Durrës is the second most populous city in Albania with a 2500 history and a population of 200 000 people. It is located in a flat area along the Adriatic Sea Coast. The Mediterranean Climate is the most favorable about this city.

Durres is one of the most ancient and important city in Albania. It is located in the middle seaside coast of Albania, nearly 33 km in west of Tirana. It is in front of Bari and Brindisi ports.

The city first was found from Taulant`s tribe. The first inhabited of Dyrrah were proto Illyrians or Pellazgus and the city was built in 13 -11 centuries BC. They constructed the first prehistoric settlements. The city was name at the first Epidamnus and then Dyrrah. Epidamnus is konsidered the hero of Taulant`s tribe. When the Dor colonists arrived there, the city was created long before.

Also known as Dyrrchium, which means two slopes, it remained Dyrrah. The city developed while becoming an important part of the Roman Empire and then of Byzantine Empire. At first in the city started Via Appia which then continued with Via Egnatia that led across the interior of Balkan Peninsula to Constantinople to the east.


During the First World War,  Durres was occupied by Italy in 1915 and also in 1916-1918 by Austria-Hungary. Then, restored by Albanian leadership, Durres became the country`s capital between 1918 and March 1920 even though temporary. The city has known an economic boom as the Italians invested and so developed into a major seaport, at that time under the rule of King Zog, who constructed a modern harbour in 1927.

From the first century to the third one Dyrrah lived a blooming period and was the center and the main port of the Adriatic coast. Actually, in the center of the city there is the Amphitheatre with 50 000 seats and is unique in all the Balkan Peninsula.

The castle of Durres, it is as antic as the city itself. During centuries it is ruined and reconstructed several times. The walls outside the city are from the period of Anastas emperor who have the origin from this city. The castle has two main parts: the upper castle or Acopolis and the lower one.

In front of the port there is the Venetian tower that is built after an older tower. The time of the building and the technique is typical of the 15 century when the venetians ruled the city.

The city has 3 important museums: archaeologic museum, martyrs museums, ethnographic museum. There are also some important places like Rotonda, Roman Baths, and the Toptans`s Well.

Basilica Mosaic of Saint Michael, it is a cultural monument of the fist category, dated in 5th century and then reconstructed later on.

Royal villa of king Zog, is built in the shape of an eagle and is in the main point of the city. It was mean to welcome the King Zog during his government. It is very famous for the marble and its wonderful hall.

Cape of Rodon and the castle of Skanderbeg, it is located in the between Rodon gulf and Lalzi gulf in the south. It is in the shape of triangle that goes into the sea. Now it known as the biggest gulf. The castle of Rodon was built from Skanderbeg in the years 1452-1452 while the additional parts are built in 1463.

A place like no other.

With hundreds of thousands of years filled with exciting history. A place with old buildings and old streets that started modernizing with lots of luxury hotels and beaches. This place has one of the biggest ports in the Adriatic Sea that has 85 % of exports and imports.

Durres has many beaches, inside town or outside it. There are Illyria Boulevard and Vollga Boulevard for an evening past time. During summer they are both very populated.

Lately Durrës has become a place that attracts tourists with the beaches it has. In 2023 Durrës had an Albania breaking record of over 1 million tourists in the entire summer. Tourists that visited Durrës last summer were shocked by its beauty and its food. The restaurants in Durrës make some of the finest food in Albania.

Some tourists left their hometown to live in Durrës. That is all because in Durrës everyone has a quiet life and the air is very fresh and clean. So It could be said that Durrës is the best city if you want to live in Albania.

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