Elbasan, the city with over 3000 years of history

Elbasan. An Albanian city filled with over 3000 years of history and culture.

Elbasan is the third big city in Albania with about 128 000 population. It is settled in the middle of Albania, in the south side of Shkumbin river, in the west part of city passes Zaranika stream, in the east is surrounded from Krasta hill and in the north there are Olive hills. The climate condition of this area are : a cool winter with rains and the summer is dry and hot.

The history of Elbasan started in the second century BC with an Illyrian settlement. From the archaeological finding, the name of the city first was Mansius tha means residence. Archaeologists think that the biggest source place is at the east area of Elbasan called ‘Rrapi i Manzes’, because of the similarities between the name and the ruins. In the second century the city was known with the name Scampus that first was over the administrations of Dyrrah.

It was at the crossroads of north and south from east to west, becoming so an important point. There the Roman empire built the road named “Via Egnatia”, where it was connected Rome with Constantinople. There were crossed two roads one coming from Dyrrah and the other from Apollonia like an important strategical roads during wars of that time. Skampis was destroyed by the bulgarian and ostrogots during the migration of the 6-7 centuries sllavic-bulgarian migration around 5-7 centuries.

Elbasan was founded by Mehmet Sulltan the second and Ballaban Pasha in the 15 century and the name itself means Eli-Basam – put your hand. The old castle was rebuilt in 1466 by Mehmet Sulltan, in order to have it against Skanderbeg. In 1492 Bajazit Sulltan built in the center of the city the mosque named “King Mosque”, the oldest in the city and one of the oldest in Albania. Nowadays it remains a touristic attraction and continues open for the daily prayers.


Elbasan is known as a strong point for the educations of teachers and cultural key in Albania through all the times. Also, Elbasan has lots of mosques and churches and everybody respects others’ religion.

In the center of the city there is also an orthodoxic church and 7 km away from the city there is an old monastery of Saint Jovan Vladimir. The city within had also Skampa theater, a big Library, A cinema, a Sport entertainment hall,  and few museums. While nowadays it is knows the Stadium named Elbasan Arena.

The church of Saint Nicola is located in Shushica village that are often visited by many tourists as it offers the possibility to see Onufri`s pieces of art.

Elbasan has many different nicknames like “The City of Flowers”. It is called that way because it’s filled to its limits with flowers and trees.

Places to visit in Elbasan are:

– Bysheku (part of Shushica village), a beautiful place with fresh water in the shadow of the oriental place that are designetaed as cultural monuments. The restaurants serve traditional dishes all the time.

– Seferan, it is a historic village near Belsh. Its rare beauty was first built in honor of the goddess Aferdita. It is located 40 minutes near Elbasan. The road to go there is very good and you can go in every season. Many tourist go there often and the lake of Seferan is in the center of Belshi`s lakes.

– Gjinar, is the most attractive tourist place. It is located of Shpati`s province and is 1200m above the sea level. The area is full of pines and also there are other slopes that reaches 1800m sea level. This is a beautiful touristic village especially during winter for skiing sports and excursions.

– Krasta hill is one of the biggest hills and is nearly 150 ha. It is known for the pines, junipery and cetrus tree. Krasta is also used by citizens as a suburb`s park and recreation center. The road to the top of the hill is very good.

– Funar village. It a beautiful touristic place surrounded by lakes and the fresh air is amazing, only 20 km from the city. The road is not very good. It is surrounded by seven mountains and three streams. Also the oaks and pines tree are most of it. The climate is healthy and the place attract all the fishing fans.


Culinary of Elbasan area.

The food there is amazing. One of the reasons that is amazing is that everything in Elbasan is bio. The food has an amazing taste and the people there have an old culture.

Villages in Elbasan are in another world with its beauty.In every village Elbasan there are old houses and they have many animals. They also have lots of bio products that supply the rest of Albania. Elbasan might not have a beach but it has lots of mountains. They are amazing for people who love adventures. That’s Elbasan, a city filled with exciting adventures and lots of amazing food.

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