The story of a man fired from his work

He was a young and strong man with lots of energy that worked very hard in a wood factory. At first everything seemed like a challenge, but he liked carrying those thick logs that then he sawed one by one.
Time went on and he is already forty years old with energies that seem never drained. HE had gained a name, and his position now is known by everyone all these years. But … one day he got a big surprise from his boss who came to him with a decision to fire him. Nothing could be done as the decision was unsealed. So, he went and never turned the head back.

In those moment the young man didn’t know where to go but he was thinking that all his hopes and dreams were vanished. All those years went to waste and for his family there isn’t any more an income to live with.

He went home and told everything to his wife who after a while in pause asked: What should they do now?
The man answered that he will take a loan with their house as guarantee and then will begin working in constructions.

So, immediately he began to make his first project that consisted in building two small houses or said as log cabins. After that the project began to expand and the money began to raise. Along with the good work he now had an affirmed prestige. within 5 years he became a millionaire, and he is the owner of a hotel chain called “Holiday in”.

His name is Wallace Johnson and he had built hotels and hospitals all over the world.

The wisdom of this story is that even God closes you a door, immediately he will open you a new path better than before.

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